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Rose’s Pawn Shop



Rose’s Pawn Shop

 Paul and Stephen live in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles, Christian lives in North Hollywood, John lives in Huntington Beach and Tim lives in Temple City.


Musicians. Duh. But amongst our group in addition to our main job as touring musicians and performers we have a 1 Tall Ship Captain, 2 music teachers, 1 handyman and 1 exotic dancer.

 Getting some physical fitness on, running, hiking, camping, bus repairing, meditation, beer brewing, sailing, motorcycle riding, repairing and restoring.

Shovels and Rope Swimmin Time.


 Last weekend we played one of our all time favorite festivals: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco on Saturday and then opened for Lucinda Williams at Slim’s in San Francisco on Sunday. Was a pretty epic and rewarding weekend for us.


 I direct you to this collection of quotes from a recent interview with Bill Murray on how he lives his life. I thought there was a lot of sage advice here: http://www.vulture.com/2014/09/7-steps-to-living-a-bill-murray-life.html


There are quite a few that come to mind, that can’t be reported here. But I’ll go with this: I wouldn’t call it a memory exactly, because the memories of it are pretty fuzzy, but I know it’s a thing that happened. One time we were playing a festival in West Virginia, and the moment we got there they started feeding us West Virginia Moonshine. And we were drinking it down. California boys don’t really know how to handle moonshine. By show time we were a mess, but we took the stage anyway. I know some type of “musical” performance took place that night. I think it probably sounded something like 5 monkeys banging on boxes made of wood and strings, and laughing and mumbling into microphones while attempting to keep themselves upright. There is a soundboard recording of it somewhere out there. I hope it’s never found.


In the band there is a lot of love for Bell’s Brewery “Two-Hearted Ale.” Its hard to find out West, as it’s a Michigan based brewery. But its crazy delicious. Also Deschutes “Black Butte Porter” was a favorite for a while. Our rider requests “2 cases of Sierra Nevada OR local similar Microbrew.”  So you can see we’re kind of into the microbrew and hoppy, flavorful stuff. Tim Weed our fiddle player also is a home brewer and makes a great knock off of Two-Hearted as well as an assortment of other tasty beers.

WHO’S THE ULTIMATE COUNTRY PIMP: I personally don’t know anyone who lives out in the country and is also a pimp. But I’m sure that person exists and they’re probably an asshole.

FAVORITE LA AMERICANA SITE: Turnstyled Junkpiled, because you told us to say that. However with that said, you all are fantastic. Love your site! Great coverage of local LA roots scene as well as the national scene.

RPS.GWPROFILE: Tapping the well of Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show whose rootsy bluegrass Americana has taken hold of America, with banjo laden, harmony rich sing-along anthems, Rose’s Pawn Shop should be in your playlist and on your live show radar.

Coining their name from an incident of a scorned ex-girlfriend/former band-mate, Rose, who in an act of revenge, sold the band’s instruments in (you guessed it), a local pawn shop.

Following 2010’s Dancing on the Gallows debut, the high energy band found themselves touring the country, opening for Jack White and The Raconteurs in Los Angeles and festivals such as Floydfest in Virginia and Wakarusa in Arkansas.

The band now releases Gravity Well, produced and mixed by Ted Hutt (Old Crow Medicine Show, Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphy’s). From the opening note, Gravity Well grabs you and makes you listen, breaking the folkgrass mold by finding depth with moody songwriting and roots rock romps.

Rosespawnshop.com | Facebook | Buy | Stand out track: “What Were You Waiting For”

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