Video Premier: “No One Gets Pulled Over on Christmas Eve” (The Smoking Flowers) and “Santa Claus is Dead” (Dee Oh Gee)

The Great Conjunction of Winter Solstice 2020: Two Bands Align for a Christmas Double-feature

“Everything has been out of control this year, even Santa. At least we don’t have Krampus in our video.” – The Smoking Flowers

“A raucous, cacophonous and somehow still optimistic glimpse into a Christmas miracle in the year of 2020 A.D.” – Dee Oh Gee

Nashville rock and rollers The Smoking Flowers and Dee Oh Gee (formerly Blackfoot Gypsies) have slid down the chimney together this year, gifting fans two new, original Christmas singles in one wild music video.

The songs “No One Gets Pulled Over on Christmas Eve” by The Smoking Flowers and “Santa Claus is Dead” by Dee Oh Gee are featured in a double-feature music video directed by Jeff Wyatt Wilson, who is known in Nashville circles for his work on Harmony Korine’s notorious 1997 film “Gummo” Another Harmony Korine associate, Nashville artist, comedian, and actor Kevin Guthrie (Trash Humpers), plays a giant, distraught elf in the video, which finds Santa drinking too much and ending up in the “emergency band-room,” among other things.

“No One Gets Pulled Over on Christmas Eve” and “Santa Claus is Dead” were released together in early December by Nashville’s Devil’s Tower Records as a limited-edition 7” record.

Smoking Flowers | thesmokingflowers.com

Dee Oh Gee | deeohgee.org

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