TJ West Video Premiere: Andrew Sheppard’s Get It While You Can

TJ WEST — By on February 3, 2017 7:08 am

By Kim Grant

TJ West introduced Andrew Sheppard and his record Far From Here.  Now we’re happy to premiere his new video for the song, “Get It While You Can.”

The video opens with a shot of downtown L.A. where Sheppard lived for awhile before moving back to his home state of Idaho. “Overall the video was shot over the course of three months and 4-5 states and took about a year to complete,” Sheppard told me.  “I  ran into a couple filmmakers in LA that we’re in the states from England traveling and shooting “Americana” culture for a documentary they are working on. We became fast friends and I talked them into shooting a music video for me.”

Sheppard and the filmmakers, James Alexander Grieves and his cousin Harvey Grieves naturally acclimated towards “Get it While You Can” because the song fits the theme of traveling and moving on from point A to point B. “We didn’t have to put much thought into the treatment,” Sheppard said.  “I wanted it to feel kind of like a day in the life rather than something scripted and this song was a perfect fit for that.  We just went for it.”

The filmmakers started following Sheppard and shooting footage for the song.  They eventually wound up visiting Sheppard in Idaho.  “They spend their first ever Thanksgiving with me and my family,” said Sheppard.  The team continued to shoot footage and document their adventures.  Here is the result.  |  fb  |  buy

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