Lydia Loveless’ Boy Crazy and Single(s)

By Mercedes Mill

Lydia Loveless rocks out on Boy Crazy and Single(s) with a potent mix of strength and vulnerability. Featuring a reissue of her 2013 EP, Boy Crazy, this new release includes six additional songs, singles, and covers. Her own distinct brew of rock, punk, and country rains down on the record, as Loveless takes you from punch drunk, enamored highs to down and dirty lows with vividly personal lyrics that confess to refreshingly unvarnished truths.

Four years on and the songs from the Boy Crazy EP still burn with Loveless’s gasoline-doused fire. Originals like “All the Time” about a mistress trying to finally break off that dogged affair make Loveless seem much older and wiser than her years, while “Boy Crazy” overflows with the rough lust of youth.

The additional songs and covers shed more light on Loveless’s raw-hearted rock and her band’s tight sound. On the beautiful, broken “Falling Out of Love,” there are inspired, post-grunge traces of Loretta Lynn:

“I wish it was me falling out of love with you
So sick of your shit
And the hell you put me through…”

A sharp and brutally honest songwriter, Loveless can make another’s song deeply her own, as when she turns Kesha’s “Blind” into a fiery, aching rock song and breathes new life into the lyrics.  Her tough, tender, loving, growling voice comes through loud and clear and shines especially bright on the passionate “Come Over.”

Heartache haunts most of the songs on the record, but her tribute to Prince on “I Would Die 4 U” lends hope that despite the rocky times she’s endured, Loveless will love again.  |  fb  |  buy

Mercedes Mill

Mercedes Mill

Mercedes Mill is a singer-songwriter and member of Americana duo The Glimpses, rooted in folk, country blues, Memphis soul and rock ‘n’ roll. A lifelong lover of music, poetry, and writing, Mercedes has also written for Blues Matters! magazine.
Mercedes Mill

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