Natalia M King’s Woman Mind of my Own

By Brian Rock

American expatriate and musical chameleon, Natalia M. King reinvents herself and reconnects with her homeland on her sixth release, Woman Mind Of My Own. Although currently living in Paris, King rediscovers her roots in that most American of genres, the blues. With the power of Koko Taylor and the energy of Katie Webster, King brings the blues to a new generation of fans.

The title song starts with acoustic, Lightning Hopkins style guitar. Infused with the spirit of Delta Blues, King moans, “They call me a hard headed woman. I tell ‘em I work at it every day.” Exploring the traditional theme of persevering in the face of obstacles, King adds her feminine perspective to the struggle. She sings, “Some call me a two-faced woman. I got the right to change my mind. And what make them hurt me so bad, is their opinion just ain’t mine.” Tapping into the raw power of pure blues, King finds her voice and makes a powerful statement of independence.

“AKA Chosen” adds electric bass, drums and a gospel style chorus to build layers of blues. In an anthem of self-empowerment King sings, “What I was, was a pain that’s showin’. What I am is a flame that’s growing… I am a sacred dance (I am chosen, I am chosen) I am sovereign destiny… And what I am is meant to be.” Pure power and inspiration, this song epitomizes the power of Blues to overcome adversity. 

Softening the mood, King delivers a tender ballad in “Forget Yourself.” With an Etta James earnestness, backed by Memphis horns, the song is sweet, sultry and soulful. “Sunrise to Sunset” is a blues ballad in the style of Bessie Smith. “So Far Away” and “Play On” dive deeper into the sparse Delta Blues rhythms of the title track.

King even transforms some surprising 80’s pop hits into blues meditations. John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses,” Sona Dada’s “(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good No More,” and George Michael’s “One More Try,” become more urgent and impactful due to the power and gravitas of King’s voice.

You know you’ve found a great album when the last song finishes, and you wish there was one more. This is one of those albums. Bridging the musical gap from 20th to 21st century, Natalie M. King may well become the new queen of the blues.  |  fb  |  buy

Brian Rock

Brian Rock

Brian was raised gypsy style, moving every other year until well after college. As friendships proved to be temporary, Brian found a constant companion in music, wearing the grooves off Beatles and Dylan albums before moving on to Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yokam. Living so often in flux, he has come to value music and lyrics of lasting quality. Not moved by trends or fashion, he is drawn to timeless lyrics and soulful rhythms. Although now settled down, Brian still expresses his gypsy spirit through his writing. He has co-written songs with musician friends he’s met along the way, including several contributions to the 2012 ICMA Album of the Year, Family Album. Brian also writes children’s books and poems, including the Children’s Book Council featured title, The Deductive Detective.
Brian Rock

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