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The Punch Brothers: Antifogmatic

Chris Tileman is one hell of a mandolin player. I’ll give him that.

Produced by the amazingly talented, Jon Brion (I Heart Huckabees), the Punch Brother’s latest, Antifogmatic is Quasi-meets-bluegrass. It makes for an interesting listen.

The album isn’t perfect, but it has moments. For those familiar with Brion’s work, his influence is clear. It’s both a good and bad thing for The Punch Brothers.

More minimalist tracks like “Alex” and “This is the Song” show Tileman sounding a little too much like Jack Johnson and “Don’t Need No” starts off sounding a bit Dave Matthews. But, both tracks take interesting, unexpected turns toward the traditional side.

“Rye Whiskey” is one of the standout tracks. It isn’t anything terribly special, but it’s kickass bluegrass. “Take Out the Trash” is a modern spun traditional which offers up a clever perspective on love.

Technically, Antifogmatic is a fine album. It just seems to be lacking. Vocals aside, it would make for a great film score. Then again, that’s Brion’s specialty.

The Punch Brothers, Take Out the Trash

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