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AMA Song of the Year Nominees

This year’s AMA song of the years nominees (with the exception of Justin Townes Earle) go to show how many great Americana musicians there are that go unrecognized in lieu of hyped up garbage. In this category, there ain’t no competition: Justin Townes Earle’s “Harlem River Blues” should win.  But? My guess is that the Decemberists with Gillian Welch will win.

Song of the Year Nominees
Decemberists with Gillian Welch- “Down By The Water”
Elizabeth Cook – “El Camino”
Hayes Carll – “Kmag Yoyo”
Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues” *

Decemberists with Gillian Welch, “Down By The Water”

The indie rock band, The Decemberists have teamed up with Gillian Welch to give this track a touch of Americana.  Though it’s a decent, solid song…. It sure ain’t the best song of the year.  Maybe if this was 1995? Can’t help but feel a hint of REM or Bottle Rockets on this one.

Elizabeth Cook  “El Camino”

I’m hoping this one’s a joke. Song of the year? On what planet? The one where someone does terrible talk singing? This was one of the worst track on Cook’s album, Welder. I can’t understand why it’s nominated.

Hayes Carll, “Kmag Yoyo”

This song is is something of a Texas countrified version of Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Though I like Carll, I’m not quite sure how this track falls under the genre of Americana. As an artist, he’s reminiscent of the old school outlaws like Waylon Jennings or Robert Earl Keen, which is fine. But? Not appropriately categorized by the AMA.

Justin Townes Earle “Harlem River Blues”

Justin Townes Earle brings his country with him wherever he goes…. even New York.  “Harlem River Blues,” the title track from the album of the same name, is miles above the other nominees.

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  1. Russ Brown says:

    regarding the Decemberists – I thought the exact same thing about the REM vibe – turns out Peter Buck produced that track and played guitar on it – (and it's REALLY obvious on the recorded version) – he's playing some of those same Rickenbacker Arpeggios like he played on "The One I Love"

    but it's pretty damn cool nevertheless


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