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AMA Album of the year nominee – Robert Plant: Band of Joy

AMA Album of the year nominee – Robert Plant: Band of Joy 
By Courtney Sudbrink
I really wonder why this album was nominated for the AMA Album of the Year. Then I remind myself – It’s Robert Plant…. With lapsteel and banjos. Of course it’s nominated.
This album isn’t anything special.  In fact, for the most part? It’s pretty boring. And when it isn’t boring, it either sounds like a bad knockoff of Steve Earle or (naturally), Led Zeppelin.
The album isn’t terrible, far from it. The problem is that it’s mediocre at best.  What I don’t understand in cases like this is why formerly (as considered by some) great artists are held to a lesser standard than more obscure artists who are making superior music.
I appreciate the fact that Plant is playing rootsy music, because he appeals to the mainstream and it may expose those who otherwise wouldn’t listen to said music to it.  Still, I hadn’t realized that the AMA gave out awards for that.  I’m going to guess the album will win, so perhaps I am proven wrong in my assumption that quality and innovation count for something.
Though I could point out the good moments on this album, I’m not going to waste my time or yours.  There are countless positive reviews of it, far more sincere in praise than anything I could come up with. If this wins over Justin Townes Earle’s Harlem River Blues (which I’m sure it will), then it will simply reaffirm my belief that awards are bullshit and the best artist never wins.

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