Review: The Broken Numbers Band “Strange Street”

The Broken Numbers Band
Strange Street

Combining folk, rock, country and “hippie-grass,” The Broken Numbers Band are yet another LA based group that deserve a spot on Turnstyled Junkpiled’s “artists to watch” list.  With the release of their short but sweet EP, Strange Street, these guys prove that although they may be young, they sure know what they’re doing.

An acoustic driven five piece (Michael Whiteside – Banjo/Guitar/Vox, Tyler Whiteside- Drums/Vox, Jacob Lipman – Fiddle/Piano, Corey Graham Lovett – Vox/Guitar, Chris Sousa – Bass) incorporating old-timey arrangements with a low thumpy-rhythm section and bright electric tones, The Broken Numbers Band bring a mix of the fresh and familiar to the Sin City scene. Kicking things off with the catchy and danceable title track, Strange Street is a record that will appeal to everyone from college folkies to seasoned roots music veterans. Somewhere between Rusted Root, The Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan, The Broken Numbers Band are remarkably tight group that show tremendous maturity for a relatively new act.

Capturing a carefree, youthful energy offset by a surprising air of lyrical wisdom, tracks like the hooky “Hold On,” and mid-to-up-tempo “Endless Racing,” show the band’s ability to write strong-rooted songs that still  maintain a keen pop sensibility. After just one listen, the majority of the tracks on Strange Street will find themselves stuck in the listener’s head.  Because, they really are that catchy.  because they are that catchy.  Closing things out with the slow and soulful, harmonica laced  “Cowboys and Killers,” The Broken Numbers band prove that beyond playing music that will get the toes-a-tappin’, they can just as easily transition to the moody, melodic side; they have an interesting dynamic that works well for them and Americana fans should be on the lookout for more from this fun, promising group.



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  1. I love BNB! Can’t wait to catch them at Pappy & Harriet’s Dec 30th

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