Together Through Townes Giveaway

Together Through Townes Giveaway
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To enter for your chance to win the this seven album, music prize pack from artists recently featured on Turnstyled Junkpiled’s The Late Great Townes Van Zandt Tribute Show*:
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Win these albums:

The Far West
The Far West

Coming by way of Texas (Robert Black- Bass/Vox), New York (Lee Briante – Guitar/Vox),  Alabama (Alan Rogers – Drums), Virginia (Brian Bachman – Guitar) and Louisiana (Erik Kristiansen – Pedal Steel), The Far West bring LA’s signature, Gram Parsons style Country Rock, together with the type of Honky Tonk that is unmistakably Texas. But whatever it is they play, The Far West exceed in coming together to produce a distinct sound that is undeniably their own.

From: Sin City Spotlight: The Far West


Ted Russell Kamp
Get Back To The Land

Five albums into a busy career as a workingman’s musician with a thorough grasp of his craft, LA based, Ted Russell Kamp shines as a solo artist and songwriter with Get back To The Land. It’s a juicy gumbo of country, Southern-fried rock and soul in the style of lifelong inspirations J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, The Band, Little Feat and Kris Kristofferson, packed with some of the toughest and most poignant songs he’s yet written.

Official Website


Spirit of ’73

The desert infused sound of Spirit of 73, is rooted in the Joshua Tree, CA area and has the ability to transport one back to memories of a youth spent traveling the mystical high desert region. There are simply spirits that work their way in like angels and perhaps there is no better example in recent time than this debut from Harmondale.

From: Review: Harmondale “Spirit of ’73”


Steve Parry
The Fight Left In Me

It’s rare that an album comes across our desk that at first listen, might be mistaken for a new Guy Clark release.  But, Steve Parry’s surprisingly impressive debut, The Fight Left In Me is an exception.  This is an album that showcases Texas songwriting at its finest. Yet, oddly enough, Parry isn’t from Texas, at all. Still, somehow the influence of legendary Lone Star State native singer/songwriters, successfully found its way up to the snowy trenches of Stillwater, MN.

From: Review: Steve Parry “The Fight Left In Me”


Brett Detar
Bird In The Tangle

LA based, Brett Detar, plays sweet guitar, matched with a wonderful gravel in his voice.  It works well for him. And, it seems the gravel stretches all the way down to his heart and soul.
There is something ethereal about Detar’s lyrics, voice, playing and sound that convey what he calls, the “darkest depths of wanderlust and loneliness.”  He seems like a real troubadour who has spent a good mount of time on the lonely roads of the country and the darker roads in his mind.

From: Review: Brett Detar “Bird In The Tangle”



Ben De La Cour
To The River Rise

Ben de la Cour bleeds the songs he sings. With his second album, To The River Rise, this Brooklyn native and metal band veteran has opted for the solo route and made New Orleans his home. And like many before him (Paul Westerberg and A.A. Bondy come to mind), de la Cour has left the noise rock behind, to bring songwriting front and center.

From: Review: Ben De La Cour “To The River Rise”




Black Creek
Ragged Shark

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Black Creek is the sort of band that reminds one of the full spectrum of American music and lends to the sense in using the term ‘Americana.’ Ragged Shark offers up everything from old school country, to straight up, in your face, guitar and piano charged Rhythm and Blues, so vast in style and influence, that it’s the rare case where it seems only fitting to come up with a blanket term for what one might opt simply to call, good music.

From: Review: Black Creek “Ragged Shark”



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