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Review: Lydia Loveless “Indestructible Machine”


Lydia Loveless
Indestructible Machine
(Bloodshot Records)
By John G Larson, Contributing Writer

Take a fine concoction of legit ladies like Patsy Cline, Patty Griffin and Lone Justice-era Maria McKee, roll them into a neat little ball and the result would be close to capturing the energy and dynamic vocal depth contained in the five-foot nuthin’, redheaded spitfire that is Lydia Loveless. Hailing from the small, off the radar town of Coshocton, OH, this rising Americana star produces a brand of Cowpunk that is sincere, immediate, unapologetic and just flat-out rockin’. Oh and here’s the catch: she’s only twenty-one years old.

After a solid independent debut in 2010, Loveless comes out swingin’ on her sophomore effort, 2011’s Bloodshot Records release, Indestructible Machine. Writing songs with a world-weary view, usually indicative of songwriters twice her age, Loveless rips through brilliant, gin-soaked tales about love gone wrong, alienation, self-medication and just plain not giving a damn.

On the clever, story driven track, “Steve Earle,” Loveless tells the tale of a local wannabe who wants to hook up musically and personally in order to save her. While trying to elude him, she secretly wishes to meet the real deal’s son, which would make for a killer duet.  Another stand-out, “More Like Them” is a song about wishing to be one of the more sunny, outgoing people, ultimately coming to realize that isn’t ever going to happen.

A fragile, damaged, and dangerous woman, Lydia Loveless is a power-packed, unique newcomer who isn’t to be messed with. Showing tremendous promise for ensuing greatness, it will be interesting to witness her evolution. Judging by the creative leap from her first album, The Only Man and this solid follow up, fans are only beginning to scratch the surface on this remarkable songwriter.  Loveless is major talent with a bright future. In other words, she’s the real deal.

For more information on Lydia Loveless, visit: http://www.bloodshotrecords.com/artist/lydia-loveless

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