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Low-Down & Dirty with Paul Burch and The Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers & Paul Burch – “Great Chicago Fire” by Bloodshot Records

Low-Down & Dirty w/ Paul Burch & The Waco Brothers
By Gerry Gomez, Staff Writer

Great Chicago Fire is the new release by the high-octane Waco Brothers and Nashville Honky-Tonker, Paul Burch. The Bloodshot Records release continues the rollicking brawn of the Waco Brothers partying Alt-Country with lyrical contributions from Burch. Deano, guitarist of The Wacos, and Burch, recently answered some Low-Down & Dirty Q & A for Turnstlyed Junkpiled.

The Waco Brothers play over 200 shows a year and seemingly would play at a laundromat. Are they the hardest working band in show business?
The Waco Brothers actually started out playing laundromats in exchange for free use of the machines. While we’re possibly the laziest band in show business, for a time at least, we were the cleanest.

Where was the craziest place WB ever played at? And did they start any fires?
Once, we were booked to play a guitar factory. We were required to use their amplifiers which were literally in flames by about halfway through our set. On the bright side, this voided our contact with the devil and we reclaimed all rights to our souls.

Paul Burch

If The Waco Brothers were in Tombstone during the famous shootout, would they be on the cowboys side or on the side of the law?
The band doesn’t take sides.

Is Paul Burch more Doc Holiday? Or Wyatt Earp? Or Ringo?
Paul Burch is more handsome than Doc Holiday, faster than the Sundance Kid and keeps time as good as Ringo.

Do the Waco Brothers play both kinds of music? Country AND Western?
We view ourselves as more in the free jazz realm. Especially after a few drinks.

Sell us your new record, “Great Chicago Fire” in an elevator pitch?
The Great Chicago Fire is the 17th best rock album ever made and Emmylou Harris does not sing background vocals and is not allowed to come within 100 feet of PB & Waco Brothers.

What’s it like having Rob Halford in your band?
Rob Halford doesn’t have the balls to be in The Waco Bros.  Actually, The Waco Brothers keep Halford’s balls in a jar by the door.

Have you got a message for the West Coast?
If Steve Jobs was so smart, then why didn’t he pursue ownership of Rob Halford’s balls?


To  hear more tracks from Great Chicago Fire or to purchase the album, visit: http://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/great-chicago-fire


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