Review: Christopher Lockett “Road Songs For The Restless”

“Love the Size of California” by Christopher Lockett

Christopher Lockett: Road Songs For The Restless
By Gerry Gomez, Staff Writer

Christopher Lockett is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose sound lives somewhere between Americana, Folk and Country music. The transplanted Virginian has a really rich voice and this fine sophomore album, Road Songs For The Restless, is full of soulful songs with insightful lyrics from a journalistic minded writer.

Lockett is joined by a wonderful cast of guest musicians who make this a very full and down-home album, the kind that gets more welcome after repeated listens. Lockett’s tone is similar to Dave Alvin’s and he really warms it up on the enduring third track, “My Father’s Son.”

“I’ve got those eyes, I’ve got that chin. Got my grandfather’s hair that’s much too thin. I’ve got the same way of laughing at the shape I’m in.

It’s in the bones, it’s in the blood. It’s down in the bottom and it’s thick like mud. It’s been that way ever since the flood. I am my father’s son.”

On the charming, personally reflective ninth track of fourteen total, “Song From The Joplin Motel,” Lockett ponders about the time he’s spent chasing “the dollar” and where time has gone as he pursues his muse:

“When it comes to feeling lonely money never changed a thing. It can’t buy tomorrow or what tomorrow brings,” sings Lockett. He expresses the feeling of wanting to be home and getting lost with his lover.

In all, Lockett can really spin a tale and Road Songs for the Restless plays like a welcoming summer night in a cozy cabin.

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