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Low-Down and Dirty with Henry Wagons

Low-Down and Dirty with Henry Wagons
By Gerry Gomez, Staff Writer

Charismatic front-man Henry Wagons is rounding up his band Wagons and bringing them to the Grand Ole Echo this Sunday August 5, for what is one of this season’s highly anticipated shows. Having built a reputation as the hardest working country rocker in his homeland of Australia, Henry Wagons and band put on a spirited performance interacting with the audience, playing with reckless abandon and doing their unique brand of country, western, rock and Vegas 70s club show.

Expected to pull out all the stops, Wagons have traveled to the US a few times prior and been showcased at SXSW. They have toured with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Justin Townes Earle, Will Oldham, Okkervil River, John Hiatt, Jolie Holland and Calexico.

Justin Townes Earle had this to say about Henry, “Henry Wagons is like Dr. Suess meets Conway Twitty. A great performer, a good man, and a bad driver! Henry struts like a Tennessee walking horse on PCP.”

Turnstyled Junkpiled spoke to Henry Wagons before this week’s showcase.

Wagons is a high energy group, or rather, you are full of energy – while the rest of your players stand around and pose trying to look sexy, watching you do all the work. Do you eat lots of vegemite sandwiches before a show?
Great review of the show!! I’d go to see that! There is never Vegemite on our rider, but I do love to eat the occasional mite.

Kim Grant wants to ensure you a great time in LA. What’s the usual fare for your rider? Premium bottled water? Imported kangaroo burgers? 30-foot private trailer with hot tub?
We pretty much only require Vegemite sandwiches on the rider.

Are you more Spaghetti or Western?
A little of both. They don’t call me Pavarotti Eastwood for nothing.

How did you get so many people in your press release photo? Or is that just how people dress in your hometown and they came around out of curiosity?
That pic is a selection of Wagons friends, lovers and fans. Take the CD on your next long bus trip and try to guess which people are which.

Anything else you feel you need to say to the Grand Ole Echo crowd?
I can’t wait to see you all!! Sounds to me like its going to be a fun evening! It’ll be our last show of our North American tour, so we plan to celebrate!

Listen to: “I Blew it” by Wagons

Don’t miss your chance to see Henry Wagons and Wagons in LA at the Grand Ole Echo, Sunday August 5. Support for the show include: Stephen Sowan on loan from Texas, LA’s own Damngivers and Hot Club de LA on the back porch.

All ages. Doors open at 5:30.


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