Gonzo Country





HOME: Austin TX

PROFESSION: Honky Tonk Band

HOBBIES: Leatherwork, Guns, Naps, Instagram

LAST ALBUM PURCHASED: Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Made it back to the Hotel

QUOTE: “Ramble like a boss!”

CRAZIEST ROAD MEMORY: I was healed by Shoe Shine Johnny “the Tombstone Healer” outside of Big Nose Kate’s in Tombstone AZ. His hands start burning when he’s around someone that needs to be healed. He got this knot out of my back.


ULTIMATE COUNTRY PIMP: Johnny Fuckin Falstaff

PROFILE: Not too many bands would have the balls to call one of their records Real Country, but Mike and The Moonpies would probably beat the hell out of anyone who questioned the title’s legitimacy. They look like a bunch of over-indulged 1970s outlaws and we suspect their livers are already as mutated as Keith Richards’. Take the Hunter S. Thompson quote, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol violence or insanity, but they’ve always worked for me,” add a Texas drawl, a telecaster and steel guitar and you get this group of long-haired, bearded cowboys who are right at home on the demented pages of Turnstyled Junkpiled. They gave us a taste of their belligerent antics with their cover of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Ragged Old Truck,” and a few weeks later, they’ve arrived on our home turf. Catch them playing their down-and-out Red Dirt this Saturday and pray to god the Cinema Bar stocks up on Lone Star beer and stays open past 2 am. Of course, if you’re sober or happy, avoid these guys at all cost. But then again, if you’re sober or happy, you probably don’t want to listen country music in the first place.

WEBSITE: www.mikeandthemoonpies.com

FAVORITE L.A. MAGAZINE: Turnstyled Junkpiled!

This is Gonzo Country!

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TJ Admin

It’s Gonzo Journalism meets Outlaw Country as TJ Music Magazine – Turnstyled, Junkpiled shakes things up in the Sin City and beyond. “Waiting for the day when they stop calling it Americana and start calling it Country again.”
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