Gonzo Country

Profiles: Merle Jagger




HOME: Los Angeles

PROFESSION: Progressive Expressionists posing as Country Rock musicians.

HOBBIES: Classic Cars, Motor Bikes, Pin Up Girls, Collecting Mountain Dew bottles from around the world.

LAST ALBUM PURCHASED: Captain Beyond’s debut record from 1972

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Just finished self made video for our new track “Best Western”.

QUOTE: “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” – Decca Record Company rejecting the Beatles, 1962

CRAZIEST ROAD MEMORY: Driving to Austin City Limits music festival from LA. Between El Paso and Austin, everyone was driving in the opposite direction away from Austin due to Hurricane Rita. Dared and confused, we kept going all the way.


WHO’S THE ULTIMATE COUNTRY PIMP: Colonel Thomas Andrew “Tom” Parker

PROFILE: Searching for the truth and not just the cake, long time sessioneer guitarist Mark Christian, a native of the Southern California orange tree ranches, teamed up with barnyard pals Steve Andrews (bass) and  Tod T. Burr (drums) for the ultimate progressive Hillbilly experiment. Mr. Christian’s electric guitar style is fueled by a kaleidoscope of banjo and flat picking treasures that emulate a round-up of influences including Jimmy Bryant, Roy Clark, Jimi Hendrix and Earl Scruggs  (they even opened for Scruggs at his final show). Boiling out of the stills of LA’s underground Merle Jagger are blazing a new trail of Outlaw music for the Western millennium.

WEBSITE: http://www.merlejagger.com/

FAVORITE LA AMERICANA ZINE: Turnstyled Junkpiled – of course!

This is Gonzo Country!

Merle Jagger – “Best Western”

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