Gonzo Country





HOME:   Nowhere’s-ville  California

PROFESSION: Singin’,Songwritin,’Songster& guitar player

HOBBIES:  Cheap motels, old 78 records , Carneys& Gypsies

LAST ALBUM PURCHASED:  Robert Johnson “King of The Delta Blues”

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  A second edition of my Book ‘LOST AMERICAN NIGHTS –Lyrics & Poems’ published by Moontide Press  in 2012 ”& ‘Last of The Honky Tonks’ album  Hitting #6 In MOJO MAGAZINE’S Top 10  in the UK

QUOTE: “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”—Jack Kerouac

CRAZIEST ROAD MEMORY: At one of our gigs A Drunk in a 1970’s powder blue tux is dancing digging my music but flipping off the band ..I laughed & asked him from the stage  “Well hey brother whatta’ ya do for a livin’ man”.. he reaches into his coat, me and the boys  think he’s pullin’ a gun. I hit the deck. He throws a bag of Pot the size of brick at us…It goes all over the  place ,dance floor, on the stage,….fans crawling around trying to grab what they can.. Bouncers take him out and beat him up- the whole place smells like skunk-We keep playing. Cops arrive, stop the show..ask us “who did  the pot belong to & who threw it?” no one says a word…..All of a sudden a lone voice  yells “Its was mine& I want it back!!”- Lo & Behold it’s the drunk guy in the powder blue tux  back inside the club .-As cops grab him drag him outside again  he yells  “Michael do Something you son of a bitch!!“ Later after the gig a good lookin’ blonde gal  pulls up & asks If I need a ride to the motel . I tell her “its been one crazy night” she says “I know what you mean my old man got arrested” – I say “It must be in the air  because some guy in a  powder blue tux threw a bag of pot at me then  got hauled off by  cops at my gig “ she said “That’s my old man!”

FAVORITE BEER:  Shiner Bock beer


PROFILE: He has survived numerous bouts with Death, running with carnivals, Street fighting, pool halls ‘Greaser’ lifestyle, cheap motels, & a strew of wild women. He has been called ‘The Jack Kerouac of Americana” by the music press. His fans call him ‘The Rock n Roll Poet.’

WEBSITE: www.rocknrollpoet.com

FAVORITE L.A. MAGAZINE: Turnstyled Junkpiled!

This is Gonzo Country!


Michael and The Lonesome Playboys perform “If You Don’t Love Jesus Go To Hell” for Turnstyled Junkpiled’s Billy Joe Show (Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver)

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