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The Making of: Patrolled By Radar’s “Hate Talkin” Video

Patrolled By Radar get their Honky Tonk on at The Cinema Bar, LA’s home for Americana/Country Music for their new video, “Hate Talkin’.”

Patrolled By Radar “Hate Talkin”

Q&A with Patrolled By Radar’s Jay Souza (Vocals, Guitar, Blues Harp)

Song Meaning: This song was written to speak to those ignorant, humorless, self-absorbed, petty individuals that one must negotiate as a consequence of leaving one’s home. I’ve been a bartender for a great number of years, and know this perspective all too well, though it is not a unique occupational hazard. In this day of extreme anxiety, unfiltered lack of decorum, and chronic whining, it hopes to provide singable relief when faced with these loathsome types…just for a laugh!

Video Inspiration:  We, with director Malani Coomes, were going for a vintage Super 8 look with a Coen brothers influence. It was the simple idea of a “refined” couple mistakenly wandering into a classic locals dive bar (anywhere USA) and being put off by their surroundings, perhaps “yelping” at length about it later.

Location: It was shot at the Cinema Bar in Culver City, which had recently been featured prominently in the HBO series “Luck.” The unrivaled home for Alt-Country Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll in Los Angeles, was loaned to us for the day by owner Rod Castillo, and behind the bar we had two actual CB staffers, Nilo Naraghi, and Finny Fiander.

Filming Experience: It was a blast and took about four hours, tightly organized by producer Brooke Weaver. Director Malani Coomes and sister Rachel are an extremely creative film making team from Memphis, TN and were a pleasure to work with. Actors Jesse Mackey ( a regular on Conan) and Allison Mosier played the couple. And choreographing her own dance moves atop the bar was Kat Kaplan.

This is the first single from PBRs next full length due out April/May, produced by Los Straitjackets’ Peter Curry. Visit www.patrolledbyradar.com for dates and free downloads.

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