TJ Videos: Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG) Brian Wright “Haunted”


TJ Videos: Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG) Brian Wright “Haunted”

“Haunted” by Brian Wright, is the latest in the music docu-series by Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG). This is an amazing peak behind the curtain of what it is like in the studio during the creative process. From Wright teaching the song to the band, telling stories, twisting nobs, exchanging guitar licks to the magic of what comes together in the end, Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG) catches a moment in time. Like old friends jamming in their living room Joe Purdy, Brother Sal, Eli WulfMeier, Jonathan Flaugher, Freddy Bokkenheuser, David Immergluck, Philip Krohnengoldand along with Wright’s narration all give a warm vibe that is contagious. The song “Haunted,” a country weeper with a George Harrison echo-y sadness show’s Brian Wright at his best.

Waco, Texas native Brian Wright recently released Rattle Their Chains from Sugar Hill Records. For more information on Brian Wright, visit:

Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG) is the music video series by film maker Douglas Busby, whose vast experience in film and television has spanned almost two decades. Busby says about Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG), “I had the idea years ago. The creative process has always been an obsession of mine. I started thinking about going back in time and sitting in the studio with Paul & John, or Keith & Mick and watching (Pick a song) come into the world. That’s what I’m doing, creating a sonic time capsule, that starts immediately with a release of an album. It’ll get better with age.” Other Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG) artists include Brother Sal, The Young Dubliners and more.

For more information on Uni(ONE)-Verse(SONG), visit:, twitter, Facebook.

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