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TJ Profiles: The Record Company



(Chris Vos – Voice, guitar, harmonica)

HOME: Los Angeles

PROFESSION: Musician and rescuer of stray animals

HOBBIES: History and science… anything that would have gotten me beat up in high school

LAST ALBUM PURCHASED: The Cramps Songs the Lord Taught Us

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: We supported BB King and Buddy Guy on different shows last year. Those were bucket list moments for everybody in the band. One of the earliest blues compilations I owned had BB King’s version of “Sweet Little Angel” on it from 1956 and I was obsessed with his voice on that. I still am.

QUOTE: “If you can’t be good, be careful.” – my Dad.

CRAZIEST ROAD MEMORY: This may not be the craziest, but it is funny in the respect that I thought I was going to die. We played Telluride CO last year, which sits at a really high elevation in the mountains. Before our first set a very nice lady wheels in a medical grade oxygen tank and mask to the back stage room. I asked her, “What’s the deal with this thing?” She says, “It’s come in handy for artists in the past.” We had two sets and between sets I was backstage nursing on that oxygen mask like my life depended on it. Not exactly a “badass” moment for me.

FAVORITE BEER: Anything from New Glarus Brewery in Wisconsin.



fsg-cover-web264x264PROFILE: In just a short couple of years this trio has shredded the LA scene with their dirty blues, foot stompin, sing-a-longin’ bad selves. From living room sessions to playing with artists such as BB King, Buddy Guy, The Wood Brothers and Robert Randolph, to being featured in over 25 commercials, TV shows and films, The Record Company have kicked the door down and are coming in. Nice to meet you. The band has been touring North America in support of their latest EP Feels So Good and seem to always have something brewing these days. If you are a fan of The Black Key’s brand of raw rock, just mix in a little John Mayall Blues, add a roots element and you have one hell of a sound. Known for their live shows, you’ll want to keep them on your radar next time you are going out.

The Record Company are playing Make Music Pasadena on Saturday June 7 at 7pm on the Levitt Pavilion Band Shell. Buy Feels So Good now!

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