Tomato Tomato releases I Go Where You Go

By Brian Rock

Fresh picked from Canada, comes the new album from Tomato Tomato (or possibly pronounced Tomato Tomahto – I can never be sure after that Christopher Walken skit on Saturday Night Live) I Go Where You Go picks up where their debut album, So It Goes, left off; with a healthy dose of high energy Bluegrass that’s fresh, fun and folksy.

Husband and wife team, John and Lisa McLaggan combine their talents and their voices to create a sound that’s part Old Crow Medicine Show and part Some Velvet Evening. With a generous serving of fiddle, banjo and dobro, The McLaggans and their talented band play irresistible, hand-clapping, foot-stomping Bluegrass.

“Aint Dead Yet” sets the tone for the album with its chooglin’ guitar and banjo. The McLaggans harmonize, “It’s an old train station, everybody’s buzzin, black soles chirpin’ on the marble floor…” And suddenly you’re transported to another era; a time when simple pleasures were the best, when true love stayed true and when the train station was the hub of the town. Each song on this album is a snapshot into that era.

“I Go Where You Go,” is a touching and tender declaration of love. “Steal Ya,” uses contrapuntal rhythms to capture the cat and mouse story of a woman on the prowl for another woman’s man. “Lemon Pie,” is every bit as sweet as its name implies and is the perfect summer-evening-on-the-porch song. “I Never Knew Her Name,” is a straight Country Blues ballad. Other stand outs include the Prohibition Blues styled, “Peg Leg Joe,” the touching ballad, “The Best We’ll Ever Know,” and the Bluegrass barnburner, “Rabbit In The Log.”

Just like their namesake, Tomato Tomato is fresh, all natural, and delicious. | fb  |  buy

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