Chrystyna Marie’s Loaded Gun

Chrystyna Marie

By Jake Tully

There’s always a young troubadour ready to pick up the Bonnie Raitt archetype-mantle, and should the cut of their jib please the listening public at large, she’s permitted to continue in that vein until accessing some vein of pop or otherwise abdicating the throne to someone else.

While it’s entirely too early to place Chrystyna Marie on her path towards Raitt-dom, as it were, she’s certainly on the garden path to grungy, lustful and intimidating blues-rock on her Loaded Gun EP. Marie’s previous endeavors may have veered towards the suspiciously charming or alarmingly overproduced, Loaded Gun is far from the garden variety solo venture.

There’s a certain amount of voracity on Loaded Gun that comes from Marie’s transparency in being jaded with a battery of labels in the past. While the song and dance that comes from managerial dissatisfaction is perhaps nothing new, Marie brings an element of millennial bliss into the situation, rife with contempt for institutional sexism as well as overall degradation in music taste. Marie is holding multiple parties accountable for this sea change in record politics, and though she’s one of many, it feels deeply personal.

One can especially hear Marie’s charged attacks on “Down The Road,” with a rollicking femme-fatale anthem that isn’t generally develop one’s first solo venture. Marie has surpassed some of the usual routine of developing a persona and is headed straight for a gatefold – watch for her in the near future.  |  fb  |  iTunes  |  Amazon

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