Kris Kristofferson & John C. Reilly Headline Harry Dean Stanton Award Night

By Jake Tully

For 90 years, Harry Dean Stanton has provided us with an Americana archetype on screen that can only be described as having true grit.

To commemorate his legacy, his influence and overall presence in cinema, Santa Monica-based film organization and library Vidiots, is presenting Stanton with the first annual “Harry Dean Stanton Award” on October 23rd at The Theater At The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Ed Begley, Jr. will host the event and award ceremony with video clips, conversation and performances by Kris Kristofferson, Father John Misty, John C. Reilly and Harper Simon and others.

Vidiots is holding the ceremony in part to honor Stanton as well as raising awareness about their foundation and the continued effort to provide Los Angeles with one-of-a-kind cinema. Vidiots is also a creative hub for film lovers, filmmakers, and all creative types of individuals in the area who share the common goal of preserving art for the sake of art.

In addition to noble pursuits of the screen, The Harry Dean Stanton Award will in part celebrate the actor’s presence through musical endeavors. Though Stanton has cut a few records himself, his position in pop culture iconography has no doubt influenced the likes of Americana acts such as Kristofferson and Reilly, both of whom follow in Stanton’s footsteps of being a so-called “double threat” – an actor and singer-songwriter.

Vidiots is nearing the end of its Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the foundation, and more information about what they are doing for the arts.

Catch the consummate cowboy, roughneck, jack-of-all-trades receive an incredible award for a lifetime of excellent work October 23rd at The Ace.

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