Tyler Childers Sells Out Ohio

By Josh Schott

Tyler Childers impressed at his sold out show at The Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, Ohio on October 27. The show had been sold out well in advance, which is a rarity for the venue and had an unprecedented buzz surrounding it. In front of a packed house, Childers delivered even more than the hungry crowd expected.

From the opening song “I Swear (To God),” Childers had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands. They sang along to every single word of the song and from that moment on you knew you were in for a memorable show. Throughout the show Childers and his band The Foodstamps brilliantly weaved through an eclectic mix of both old and new songs.

The energy of the show was high throughout, but the songs that had the crowd buzzing the most were longtime favorite “Whitehouse Road,” love ballad “Feathered Indians” and Childers’ spirited cover of Shel Silverstein’s “I Got Stoned and I Missed It.” While Childers and his band are new to many, you could tell this group is road tested and have years of experience under their belts, as they flew through each song flawlessly.

Childers also ended the show solo on-stage with just his acoustic guitar and closing with the soft “Lady May,” an interesting wrinkle you don’t see too often from bands. Not to mention there were many diehard fans in attendance, people that have known this band long before they blew up this year with the release of the Sturgill Simpson-produced Purgatory album.

The amount of passion and dedication on display by Childers cannot be understated, as you could feel it in each and every song. This is despite being the last show on a non-stop, two-week tour before the band gets a well deserved five-day break. It would have been easy for a band to just mail it in, especially with Marietta being such a small town. But Childers and his band are from Appalachia themselves. They know how much this concert meant to such a rural area and they have a tireless dedication to their craft.

This is only just the beginning for Tyler Childers. His sold out show at The Adelphia Music Hall is one of countless sold out shows on his current tour. The size of the venues, as well as the hype surrounding this group will only continue to grow in size. Remember the name Tyler Childers because he’s the next great country artist of this generation.  |  fb  |  tour  |  buy


Josh Schott

Josh Schott

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