Turnpike Troubadours’ A Long Way From Your Heart

By Josh Schott

If you explore the independent country scenes, you will undoubtedly come across the dynamic Oklahoma outfit of Turnpike Troubadours. They have racked up wide critical acclaim and are fueled by a fiercely loyal, grassroots fan base. While the fiddles and smooth steel guitar will draw you in, it’s their cohesiveness as a group that makes them so great. Coming off their best album yet, the group returns with their new album A Long Way From Your Heart. Unsurprisingly it’s another really strong effort from the group.

The album opens just like their last album with the gem of the entire project, “The Housefire.” It’s a fantastic display of their storytelling chops, as the song tells the story of a man and his family losing their house to a fire. What makes it so great is how it captures the emotions of the situation. It’s followed up by another highlight in the sentimental love song “Something to Hold on To.” Songs such as “The Winding Stair Mountain Blues” and “Pipe Bomb Dream” demonstrates the band’s equal parts catchy and authentic sound.

“A Tornado Warning” is your classic Turnpike song, as it’s about a couple scoffing at a tornado barreling towards them. At the same time the man uses it as a metaphor for the relationship; it’s captivating and enthralling, but it’s not going to last forever. It’s arguably one of their best songs they’ve released. The band covers heartbreak well in songs like “Pay No Rent” and “Old Time Feeling (Like Before).” The album closes with “Sunday Morning Paper,” which reflects on the recent deaths of iconic rock stars. It’s reverent, while at the same time summing up the general sentiment one goes through when a larger-than-life figure passes away.

From start to finish A Long Way From Your Heart will captivate you with it’s consistently country sound. Think of this album like a warm bowl of soup for the music soul. The best way to sum this album up and really the band in general is they bring an innate genuineness to each of their songs. As the listener it’s quite palpable and makes a near instant connection. It’s this quality that makes Turnpike Troubadours one of the shining diamonds of the genre.  |  fb  |  buy

Josh Schott

Josh Schott

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