Song Premier: “The River” from Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater

Austin based label, Eight 30 Records will release the eighteen-song album, Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater, May 4, 2018. A native of Missouri, Gary Floater, who is best known for his 1978 release, Denim on Denim, lends his masterful songwriting to an impressive cast of artists, who deliver unique takes on his songs. Eight 30 records, putting together another tribute album that both informs as it does deliver in quality, concept and execution that truly honors the artist at hand. Their previous tributes include: Highway Prayer A Tribute to Adam Caroll and Dreamer – A Tribute to Kent Finlay. Floater, an impressive album that will strike a chord, even for those unfamiliar with Gary Floater.

“We’re so excited about our new tribute album honoring the great Gary Floater,” says Eight 30 Records’ Jenni Finlay, who produced the album with label co-owner Brian T. Atkinson. “There’s truly never been anyone like him.”

Indeed, Floater tunes are simply singular. Consider a few titles alone: “Whatever Man,” “Thanks Me,” “Let Me Kiss You Where It Hurts,” “A Hero Never Learns,” “Grandpa’s Promise,” “Pull Over I Wanna Eat That” and “Sunburn Lake.”

Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater, offers a veritable who’s who of singer-songwriters with their takes on Floater’s solid gold country classics. A short list – The Band of Heathens (“The Dirty South”), James McMurtry (“Grandpa’s Promise”), Jason Eady (“Stand Back Boys I’m Fixing to Care”), Rod Picott (“That’s What I’m Gonna Do”) – gives a glimpse. Floater himself will embark on his 40-city “Drink a Forty for the Fortieth” tour later this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of his unforgettable 1978 landmark album Denim on Denim, which features several songs on the new tribute.

The track, “The River,” has a Will The Circle Be Unbroken feel, involving the artists from the album, coming together for the song that wraps up the album. Austin based, Fullerton cut a rough mix and the other artists were added one by one during their Floater session. Matt the Electrician and James McMurtry kick things off with the intro, then, the order of these talented artists, is as follows:Jamie Lin Wilson, Jason Eady, Chris Fullerton, Brennen and Noel McKay together, James McMurtry, Matt the Electrician, Gordy Quist (Band of Heathens), BettySoo, then comes to a finally with all of the artists singing together. The outtro, includes Brennen Leigh howling in the background while and Kellie Mickwee talks. |

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