Song Premiere [Jack Evan Johnson “The Force”]

Las Vegas, Nev. native, Nashville, Tenn. based singer-songwriter, Jack Evan Johnson premiers his aggressive new single, “The Force,” the first  off his pending fall 2018 release, American Pink. The song was recorded in May, 2018 at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tenn. It was engineered by Eddie Spear and mastered by Pete Lyman (who have both worked on various productions with Dave Cobb [Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell]).

“The Force” was written a few years ago in response to the flurry of  Las Vegas police shootings that dominated the news and his inbox while he was working at a newspaper in Nevada. Around the same time, a cop told him he wished he’d had been a firefighter, because “Everyone is happy to see a firefighter.” The song takes a humanist, almost journalistic approach, rather than a judgmental one. But that doesn’t mean anyone is given a pass.

“My girlfriend and I have stayed up late many-a-night discussing philosophical themes like whether or not all cops are Nazis, and I can’t really provide an answer there,” Says Johnson. “But like another journalist friend told me once, you can’t get the answers if you don’t ask the questions. This song is more of a question song, and I hope when people listen to it that makes sense, that I’m just trying to understand how good people end up in bad situations, and that they don’t think I’m a blue lives matter type.”

You can purchase single on vinyl here

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