TJ West Premiere: Joe Bourdet’s “El Capitan”

By Kim Grant

California singer-songwriter, Joe Bourdet is debuting twin singles, “Seamist” and “El Capitan” January 5th, 2019, on a limited run vinyl 45rpm disc along and on digital. Turnstyled, Junkpiled and TJ West have the exclusive video premiere of the song, “El Capitan,” directed by Chris Rady.

A Los Angeles resident, Bourdet is a Golden State native from Nevada City, CA. He is also a producer and engineer, and has co-produced the singles with long time collaborator and engineer/guitarist Jason Soda, of Palomino Sound Studio. Bourdet’s credits include two full-length albums with the band, Whispering Pines (whom I have personally worked with), an album with the band Painted Hills (led by former Beachwood Sparks guitarist and singer-songwriter, Josh Schwartz), and an early stint as a guitarist for artist and producer, Jonathan Wilson.

Bourdet has been playing guitar seriously since high school and his laid-back rock sound takes inspiration from bucolic nature of California and the canyons and foothills that weave throughout the landscape. As described, the music on this debut “reveals first loping then driving acoustic guitars, delicate harmony vocals cascading into intertwining slide guitar lines, all laid out in a bed of tastefully executed rhythms and textures.”

Joe Bourdet will be celebrating the release date on January 5th with a live show and party in Pioneertown, CA at the legendary Pappy and Harriets. TJ West is proud to introduce “El Capitan,” and as Joe Bourdet tells us, “The video is our take on a pre-MTV era promo movie, the likes of which would have been sent in by artists to be aired on now long gone TV shows such as Germany’s Beat Club or American Bandstand. Often, no particular effort would have been made for musical accuracy, correct personnel, or even sync sound for that matter. Hence, take this in the lighthearted nature it was intended, and enjoy, as we did.”  |  Premiere show info  |

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