Song Premier: Matt Harlan, Mountain Pose

Houston, Texas-based singer songwriter, Matt Harlan’s latest release, Best Beasts is a seamless collection of songs that spotlight the critically acclaimed songwriter, who shows exponential growth with each track. The album includes vivid vignettes that frequently feature blue collar men struggling, and socio-political narratives, that are written with poetic elegance, and through the artist’s eye. “’Mountain Pose,” [from the album], was written right after the Parkland school shooting, the intersection of yoga, and gun control,” Harlan Says. “Everything I started to write,” he continues, “was about current events, and trying to make sense of our crazy world. All over the news, I was seeing kids in a way I hadn’t before. They were devastated, resolute, and out-front saying they didn’t want these things to happen anymore. I was inspired, and thought of a simple yoga move, called ‘Mountain pose,’ with arms down, fingers stretched, and feet resolute. It’s powerful, relaxing, and knowing your calmer self.  Then the song came to me, all at once.”


Best of Beasts is available July 12 on Austin-based Eight 30 Records

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