Song Premier [Chris Fullerton “Deep Depression”]

Turnstyled, Junkpiled premiers Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter  Chris Fullerton’s new song, “Deep Depression,” from his forthcoming sophomore release, Consider the Shoebill. “The album is more progressive,” Fullerton says of his newly raucous and experimental sound.  “It’s a little more of the current me.”

Due out this Fall from Austin-based label, Eight 30 Records, Consider the Shoebill is the much anticipated follow up to Fullerton’s highly acclaimed and rootsier 2017 debut Epilepsy Blues, a poignant and courageous effort that revealed the turmoil he faced after being diagnosed with adult-onset epilepsy. On “Deep Depression,” Fullerton explores similar themes in a more universal sense through self-discovery and introspection. “The song represents the truth about me in a meaningful way,” he continues. “I think it expresses my experience and the way I’ve wasted a lot of my agency in life, and the way it’s able to be regained, while the chorus is more of an outside looking in.”

Co-written with wife Lindsey Preston on a vintage upright piano, “Deep Depression” was inspired by Fullerton’s search to find out who he is at the core. “After so many years of more or less co-opting other people’s stories to make my own, I kind of lost where I begin and and end. I don’t think I realized how important the truth is. This is the first song I wrote where it broke through. I was able to lay aside the narcissism that was driving a small portion of my own depression. I could mark off what was neurological, and ask myself which part of the depression I was fueling. What does my ego want? What am I indulging with? When am I trying to make myself look sad and when am I actually sad? It’s an important song to us, and I think it’s more important than ever that mental health issues are out in the open. I think everyone struggles with it. Especially now.”

“Deep Depression” will be available on all major streaming platforms June 26. Listen here first:

chrisfullerton.com | fb

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