Bottle Rockets Set Western NY Off


Bottle Rockets Set Western NY Off

By Mark Lennon

Anyone who has set foot in a supermarket or restaurant in Western NY, may be all to familiar with the 90s rock time warp the area is stuck in. Yes, the sounds of The Goo Goo Dolls and Bare Naked Ladies and any once moderately popular Canadian band that has spilled over the border still rule the radio like Friends and Seinfeld do with reruns. That’s what makes adding roots music into the equation enough to set Western NY off.

BottleRocketsWhen The Bottle Rockets hit the scene in the mid ’90s, the world wasn’t quite sure what to do with their sound, but the band found their niche and quickly became a forbearer for the new roots and alt-country rock style alongside Uncle Tupelo, Old 97’s, and Whiskeytown.

Now, they visit the Country music hot spot of Western NY, the Sportsmen’s Tavern.

Sportsmen’s Tavern has an incredible line up for Americana and Country music this summer with acts including Peter Rowan, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Jim Lauderdale and many others.

The Bottle Rockets will be at Sportsmen’s Tavern Tuesday, June 3rd at 7:30pm in Buffalo, NY, June 4th at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY and June 5th at The Egg in Albany, NY.

For more info, visit The Bottle Rockets and Sportsmen’s Tavern.

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